According to*, vehicle (and all other preventive maintenance) is the systematic inspection, detection, correction, and prevention of incipient failures, before they become actual or major failures. That's exactly what The Tire Shop & Lube aim to do for you! Let us do the inspecting and detecting so you can keep on moving down the road.

Here are some easy tips to keep in mind to remind you when it may be time to stop in and see us:

1) The General Inspection: periodically, walk around your vehcile - does anything look out of place or "different?" If so, note it down and call us!

2) Low Fluids: are any of your warning lights on? Do you pull the lever for washer fluid and nothing happens? If these basic triggers are there, it may be time for other fluid checks and top-offs too!

3) Light Brightness: are your headlights "darker" than they should be? Does your radio cut in and out on occasion? These are possibly signs your battery could need charged or replaced.

4) Road Noise / Bumpy Ride: is your care really "loud?" Do you feel bumps that are unusual or even at all on smooth pavement? You may have a tire out of round or getting ready to blowout on you - don't get yourself stranded!

5) Funny Smells / Smoke: your care shouldn't have either of these... if it does, get it checked out. These could be serious signs of pending mechanical failure.

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